NexGen Proactive Test Equipment

NexGen Proactive Test Equipment

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Barfield is also a distributor of Ground Support Test Equipment. In addition to the complementary testers from Tel-Instruments Electronics Corp. and accessories from Nav-Aids for its Air Data/Pitot static testers, Barfield also distributes Bird Technologies, Fluke and Universal Synaptics.

Flight Hawk RF Antenna and Cable Analyzer – Aviation Test Kit 7003A001‐4    

Flight Hawk RF Antenna and Cable Analyzer – Aviation  Test Kit 7003A001‐4

Do you need to quickly identify antennas, cables and connectors to get your airplane back into service?

Avoid the downtime and the expense of trial and error of swapping components to fix your issue with Bird Flight Hawk Test Kit. Our Test Kit includes the SiteHawk AV Antenna and Cable Analyzer in a hard carrying case along with a selection of essential accessories; it’s ideally suited for field techs and engineers who need to quickly diagnose and resolve problems with communications systems.

The pocket‐sized Flight Hawk Antenna and Cable Analyzer operates from 1 MHz to 6000 MHz and features an intuitive interface readily accessible to even the first time user.



With the Flight Hawk test kit, it is simple to :


1) Determine a problem with your cable and antenna system using the Measure Match Function.


2) Locate the source of the problem with the Use Distance to Fault measurement.


3) Take various power measurement with the included Bird Power Sensor.




  • Easy to operate and field ready for first-time, occasional and experienced users.
  • FDR (Frequency Domain Reflectometry) measurement method results in a highly reliable assessment of the health of critical components in your system; ultimately providing a “heads-up” before a failure occurs.
  • Fault location or DTF mode indicates VSWR or Return Loss levels at each point along the cable and antenna system length.
  • Cable Loss function measures insertion loss of the cable system over a given frequency range.
  • Units cover frequency ranges of 1 MHz - 6000 MHz.
  • USB communication port for connection to storage device.


  Hard Case
  Flight Hawk AV
  Calibration Combo
  25W Termination
  10' RG 142 Cable
  Adapter, N(m)- SMA(m)
  Adapter, N(m)- SMA(f)
  Adapter, Avionics
  5017 Power Sensor


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BT-730 Datalogging Handheld Bond Meter    

BT-730 Datalogging Handheld Bond Meter

The only wireless portable bond meter assembled in the USA and features superior accuracy, 100–hour battery life, and a 3–year warranty.


INTEGRITY in measurement is essential when critical aircraft assemblies are inspected. Nothing ensures this more effectively than the BT-730 bond meter. It captures crucial readings and seamlessly connects them to any software system, from spreadsheets to QMS, without the integration headache. Advanced new tools that support iOS, Android, and Windows are available with each instrument. You may be skeptical about how truly easy it is. See for yourself that seamless data collection is possible without complicating workflow.


• Wireless Link (Bluetooth LE)
• iOS/Android/Windows Support
• Superior Accuracy
  ±(0.2% |rdg| + 0.02% Range)
• Widest Probe Selection
• Uncomplicated, Back-lit Display
• 100–Hour Battery Life (3AA)*
• Smallest and Lightest Bond Meter
• 3–Year Warranty
• Assembled in USA


  BT-730 Datalogging Handheld Bond Meter 


BT 700/BT-700i Handheld Bond Meter    

BT 700/BT-700i Handheld Bond Meter

Barfield’s new 700 Series bond meters are instruments you can rely on every day with confidence. These new models are designed with the clearest and most informative displays for mistake-free usage. They quickly produce accurate readings to reduce the time spent measuring.



• Superior Accuracy

• Superior Accuracy± (0.2% |rdg| +0.02% Range)

• Widest Probe Selection

• Uncomplicated, Back-lit Display

• 100-Hour Battery Life (3AA)*

• Smallest and Lightest Bond Meter

• 3-Year Warranty

• Made in USA

• Model BT-700i: Intrinsically Safe


Barfield Handheld Bond Meter

Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS)    

Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS)
  • Ground Breaking Technology

    The IFDIS uses state of the art patented technology that is able to monitor all wiring paths in a UUT SIMULTANEOUSLY and CONTINUOUSLY for intermittent failures. This technology virtually eliminates missed failure detection.

  • Improves MTBF

    The IFDIS provides the ability to detect and isolate intermittent failures so that they can be surgically repaired. Repairing these types of failures drastically increases MTBF and reduces No Fault Found test results.

  • Proven Success

    To date millions of maintenance dollars have been saved by employing this technology in both the DoD and private industry. The IFDIS works across all industries and with all types of interconnecting wiring between electronic components.


Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS)

Voyager Intermittent Fault Detector (VIFD)    

Voyager Intermittent Fault Detector (VIFD)
  • The Voyager Intermittent Fault Detector™ (VIFD™): the powerful, flexible, and effective Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD) and Integrity test solution that will test anything from wiring to relays, circuit breakers, connectors, ribbon-cables and more.


Voyager Intermittent Fault Detector (VIFD)