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Barfield, a state of mind, an entrepreneurial culture

Working at Barfield is working for an international group with a human dimension: its organization allows for autonomy, initiative and team spirit.

Your integration within Barfield

At Barfield, everything is done to accompany your first steps in the company, thanks to an integration plan coordinated by the Vice President of Human Resources and your department manager. Whichever your job description or your site, a successful integration is based on four pillars:

  • The understanding of the AFI KLM E&M Group’s strategy and how this strategy is translated to Barfield in the Americas,
  • The understanding of the transversal characteristic of your product line (Adaptive services, Distribution and Ground Support test Equipment) or your department (Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Communication, Quality, IT, etc.),
  • Getting acquainted with all fields of the profession,
  • The understanding and appropriation of your assignments.

Result-driven management, at the center of Barfield’s Human Resources policy

As soon as you arrive, individual objectives in connection with your assignments will be set by your manager. They are set according to the group objectives of your department and manager. Your performance as well as the company depend on the achievement of these objectives.
You therefore have your role to play in the group’s success. To reach your objectives, your manager will give you the necessary amount of autonomy and support through regular meetings and a yearly individual evaluation. 

Training, a key element for Barfield

Enabling its employees to develop their skills in order to grow along with technology is essential in the aeronautical maintenance sector. Barfield is fully aware of this and disposes of its own training activity, Barfield training, as well as its network of training staff, whom train the group’s colleagues and make it possible for them to obtain their aircraft qualifications (Boeing, Airbus, etc.). It is also a reference in the profession as our entities train technicians all around the world.
Growing with Barfield also brings the opportunity to develop international project management skills: each year, many colleagues are sent abroad to cto managing projects, directly with our customers or within maintenance centers. Training is a key element, please do not hesitate to contact your HR manager to find out about possible training opportunities.

Spotting talents and accompanying them in their development is essential for the company and the group’s future.

Each year, Barfield offers to many talented staff members the possibility to take on new responsibilities. Internal promotion is a strong value and Barfield pursues this policy to improve the knowledge of its areas of expertise and detect managerial talents.


We have an Internship Program for those of you who are pursuing a college degree in the following fields: Sales & Marketing, IT, Engineering, Finance, Purchasing and Human Resources.

The Internship Program is based on a "needs assessment", done by each of these departments in the last quarter of the year. In some instances, some departments might not be in need of an intern for that particular year.

Requirements to be an intern:

  • You must be in your junior year
  • Work at least 6 hours per day
  • Work 5 days a week
  • 6 to 12 months Internship only

If you are interested please fill out the appropriate form.

Barfield, an equal opportunity employer.

People are the cornerstone of our business. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, or other legally protected status. The objective of the policy is to obtain individuals who are qualified or trainable for positions by virtue of job related standards of education, training, experience and other related and valid qualifications. This policy is consistent with the requirements and objectives set forth by Executive Order 11246, and all related Federal regulations. A basic belief at our company is that we are more than a collection of individuals. We are a team, at our best only when every member participates fully.
Barfield is also committed to being an employer of choice. In doing so, the company seeks to develop and nurture its diversity and believes that this diversity strengthens the organization, stimulates creativity, promotes the exchange of ideas and enriches the work lives of all employees. Barfield is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodation to applicants with physical and mental disabilities.  
Today Barfield welcomes you. The company values your skills and will accompany you in developing them.

- Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law

- "EEO is the Law" Supplement.

- Pay Transparency Non-Discrimination Provision.

If you are an individual with a disability and require a reasonable accomodation to complete any part of the application process, or are limited in the ability or unable to access or use this online application process and need an alternative method for applying, you may contact Sissi De La Espriella, VP-HR, at SISSI.DELAESPRIELLA@BARFIELDINC.COM or at 305.894-5318.

  • Position
  • Date advertised
  • Type of Contract
Sector / Principal Occupation
Location Miami
Roles and Responsibilities

Within the scope of business development between Air France Industries and their Customers based in the Americas, BL.MS decided to put in place in Miami a Logistic Center to support with more efficiency contracts signed and future businesses within the Americas. One of the main responsibilities of this team will be to manage the flow of Customer components needing repairs by directing such flow to the relevant shop, either in-house shops or external repair vendors, and to manage as well the availability of components to the Customers through local storage of pool inventory.


Within the scope of business development between Air France Industries and their Customers based in the Americas, BL.MS decided to put in place in Miami a Logistic Center to support with more efficiency contracts signed and future businesses within the Americas. One of the main responsibilities of this team will be to manage the flow of Customer components needing repairs by directing such flow to the relevant shop, either in-house shops or external repair vendors, and to manage as well the availability of components to the Customers through local storage of pool inventory.

Unserviceable Flow


  • Makes sure that the materials received from the customers are part of the contractual list
  • Performs incoming goods Inspection verify data plate of equipment & check for CID or FOD
  • Determines whether component will be repaired in-house or subcontracted
  • Checks if the repair must be done under warranty or not
  • Issues the Repair Orders and updates the IT System accordingly
  • Scan necessary equipment and repair documentation into Doremi and Gold
  • Ships the units to its’ assigned repair shop/OEM via FEDEX
  • Process Fedex shipping labels for outgoing repairs.
  • Prioritize tasks based on urgence to ensure overall service level and responsiveness to the customer


Serviceable Flow


  • Receive Serviceable units from Air France facilities for the replenishment of the local pool allocation


     Repair Administration


  • Daily contact with vendors to expedite and pressure to deliver within our customers’ TAT
  • Negotiates the repair under warranty
  • Negotiates the free of charge standard exchange in case of TAT is overdue
  • Makes sure that the quotes received from the vendor are in accordance with the requested task
  • Makes the quality control when the unit is received after repair and makes sure that the repair has been done in accordance with the requested task
  • Makes sure that all the documentation received with the unit is in accordance with the regulations
  • Ships the unit back to the customer and updates the IT System


Costs Monitoring


  • Makes sure that the quotes received from the vendor are in accordance with the requested task
  • Analyses and disputes discrepancies
  • Checks for exclusions to be charged to the customer
  • Approves the quote to the vendor
  • Issues the quote to the customer adding the charges according with the contract
  • When the agreement is received from the customer, forwards the quote along with the approval to AFI financial department in Paris for invoicing
  • Makes sure that the invoice received from the vendor corresponds to the quote approved


Availability and Delivery


  • Releases part on customer request and in accordance with contract terms and conditions
  • Participates in maintaining an well organized and accurate inventory, in accordance to AFI’s standards and procedures


      Customer Support


  • Has a regular contact with customers or account managers to assist them in their needs
  • Manages the interface between the customer and the vendor in case of an urgent need or an AOG request
  • Initiates alternative availability against lowest cost, in case requested part is not yet repaired
  • Ensures customer satisfaction




  • Produces reports to management about customer service, OEM’s performance and cost on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Ensures reliable communication and feedback to AFI’s Customer Service Managers in France


Quality Continuous Improvement


  • Challenges existing processes in order to improve quality, costs and delays
  • Formalizes and shares best practices, participates in benchmarks with other AFI remote logistics.
Job Requirements


  • High School Diploma and some College preferred.
  • Knowledge and experience in aviation especially in the aircraft components industry (MRO).
  • Minimum five years relevant administration experience is required.
  • Basic knowledge of Aviation regulations and industry standards: FAA, EASA
  • Experience in logistics and knowledge of regulation: Dangerous Goods, Customs
  • Strong technical skills including knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Office Suite, internet searching and email communication.
  • Knowledge AFI specific IT systems: ASTRE, SAP, Tracking, Gold, Doremi is appreciated
  • Languages: Mandatory: Fluent English
  • Appreciated: Fluent French, Spanish, Portuguese



  • Candidate must have excellent relational and communication skills, be a team player with the ability to work under pressure and time constraints in a multi-cultural environment.


Competencies identified for this position: 

  • strong customer oriented focus
  • attention to details, accuracy and precision
  • ability to gather and manage information
  • problem solving, initiative
  • basic negotiation skills
  • ability and willingness to learn new processes and systems


  • Job may involve handling of heavy components for the purpose of inspection, storage and dispatch
Sector / Principal Occupation
Location Miami
Roles and Responsibilities

Ensure Optimization of all inventory to support all the operations of the Barfield Group and
guarantee dynamic management of the inventory. Responsible of the material master for the
Barfield Group.
Scope: all type of inventory (LRU, SRU, expendables, consumables) with the Business Units
• Optimization of LRU inventory (ALP, Brokering)
• Contribute to initial dimensioning of pool for new programs/contracts
• Identify inventory to move from ALP to Brokering
• Identify inventory to add to pool to reduce exchange cost
• Challenge lease solutions versus ownership or consigned models
• Identify inventory that needs to be upgraded
• Participate to or lead initiatives to optimize assets across the different entities of the US
and world-wide group
• Develop consignment projects with Inventory partners
• Lead reconciliation of inventory with Lessors
• Validate lease payments on monthly basis
• Process BER pool units out of stock and redirect cost to the right program.
• Optimization of expendable, consumables and SRU inventory
• Lead definition of Initial provisioning to support new capability development
• Ensure frequent update of replenishment parameters to ensure relevance of inventory
• Lead implementation of tools to facilitate dynamic dimensioning of the expendable
• Identify parts to be sold due to high coverage, support marketing activity of surplus
expendables by providing all information needed by sales team
• Ensure review of repair performance by product lines
• Adapt inventory to new requirements like won or lost repair or distribution contracts
• Maintain PMA approved listing, piece part exclusions, critical LRU listing, and static min
max listings within the Lokad system.
• Monitor good application of Lokad’s purchase recommendations by Purchasing Dept.
• Troubleshoot and identify issues within the Lokad system in order to improve its
accuracy and efficiency.
• Manage Air France parts consignent (Mi1 M150) parts availability and monthly

• Control Material master
• Perform regular check to identify problem to be cleaned-up
• Enforce process to ensure creation of correct records
• Enrich the material master with available information to make it more relevant and useful
(update of LRU FMV and repair cost, Higher assembly for expendables)
• Reporting
• Perform all analysis, investigation and reporting as required by Finance or Management
• Ensure quarterly depreciation requirement analysis and ensure joined review with
• Ensure monthly inventory report to follow-up all inventory values, as well as major
changes through waterfall indicators.
• Review trade sales on monthly basis to confirm depreciation amount of items sold.
• Match inventory figures with Finance to detect any discrepancies
• Consolidate ARO , BIC and PEL inventory value and reporting to give global Barfield
• Controlling of key processes
• Validate any Pool addition or BER replacement, process customer WOs, issue BER
units out of stock, and provide purchase request to Trading department
• Review and challenge exchange request if program or trading asked for help and decide
to exchange or to purchase based on current pool performance.
• Monitor the Business unit procurement activity to ensure practices and performance in
line with supply chain set-up.
• Monitor repair and sales order inputs to detect changes and take early action if needed
• Prepare with Finance the sale of depreciated items
• Communicate with Finance any major inventory event to ensure proper processing as
well as facilitate Finance analysis.
 Prioritize repair shop WIP based on immediate pool availability
 Monitor and challenge Yellow Tags (cannibalized parts) in order to limit waste, provide a
quarterly listing of accepted parts to be created and added to inventory.

Job Requirements

 MBA or equivalent experience
 Aerospace Industry
 Airlines/MRO and Leasing companies network
 Inventory management and administration principles
 Microsoft Office
 Contract Management
 Management skills( Supervise one or several supply chain coordinators)
 Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment
 Strong communication skills
 Understanding of complex contracts and constraints networks
 Teamwork oriented
 Accountable for actions
 High level of dependability
 Working conditions
Standard office and warehouse working environment. Some travel maybe required

Sector / Principal Occupation
Location Miami
Roles and Responsibilities

Main Functions:
The main function of the position is to procure and expedite parts while taking into consideration the
pricing, lead-time and when the parts are required by. Pricing must be obtained taking into
consideration possible alternate parts and sources, the challenge will be to determine what vendor
to utilize (when no previous purchase history exists) or to find a less expensive source and complete
the task within the goal time.
When procuring parts, a quote is obtained from vendors or distributors, updated into the system and
the purchase order is created. Once the purchase order has been approved (depending on the
value) and sent to the vendor, a confirmation must be received and updated into the system with the
EDD (Estimated Date of Delivery) on the parts and the pricing must be verified. Follow up on the
confirmed PO’s is required when they are within a week due to arrive to ensure the vendor meets
EDD (Estimated Date of Delivery).
Internal communication with the shops and customer service are crucial, as is a good working
relationship with the vendors.

- Ensure the timely and accurate arrival of the W0 (work order) needs by expediting with the
vendor, or searching the market for a solution.
- Procure shop supplies and hardware requirements while staying within the company’s
financial targets.
- Utilize good business practices while dealing with vendors. Generate and maintain expedite
reports for follow up purposes utilizing Excel.
- Compiling part shortage reports and utilizing them to contact vendors and expedite purchases
- Generate and compile the reports accurately and get improved dates from the vendors. This
will be done from extractions from the system and calculations and pivot tables using Excel,
phone calls and emails to the vendors.
- Utilizing the weekly expedite file generated by customer service to prioritize the work orders to
be expedited.

Job Requirements

- Good written and verbal communication skills in English
- Follow up on requests and backlog or provide status of issues
- Maintain an open channel of communication with every department
- Maintain a working relationship with vendors and distributors
- Expand working relationship with vendors
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel spreadsheets)
- Negotiation skills on parts and repair contracts
- Extremely organized and attention to details.
- Ability to establish good working relationships with office and workshop coworkers.
- Work in a fast-paced environment.

Sector / Principal Occupation
Location Miami
Roles and Responsibilities

 Respond to day-to-day Customer Support functions:
 Focal point for customer for the routine transactions. Respond telephone calls and emails in a timely manner.
 Respond RFQ
 Will require travel to attend to review meetings with customers.
 Manage work orders to minimize work stoppage on routine basis:
 Expedite and coordinate with other departments to meet due dates for TAT and OTD performance. Liaison between internal shops,
trading, sub-Contracting team, procurement, logistic, Engineering etc.
 Manage the exchange/pool process, from the customer request to the core receiving.
 Resolve discrepancies during the receiving process.
 Maintain ERP and external platforms such Aero Exchange & One Aero up-to-date
 Manage quotes and approvals in accordance with contract terms and conditions.
 Review quotes as per contractual terms.
 Send quotes in a timely manner.
 Follow-up approvals of outstanding quotes an process approvals.
 Reserve Material to WO after quote approved
 Process Invoices (SO and WO)
 Assist Program Manager on the day-to-day operation:
 Assist in preparing Program Reviews.
 Resolve shipment and customs issues.
 Prepare Commercial Invoice.
 Execute Customer Checks: Kewill.

Job Requirements

 High School diploma.
 College Degree or 3 years minimum experience in customer support related position.
 Strong computer skills with proficient use of Excel (lookups, queries, pivot tables).
 Extremely organized, analytical and with attention to details.
 Ability to establish good working relationships with internal and external customers.
 Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment.
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
 Must be fluent in English.

Sector / Principal Occupation
Location Miami
Roles and Responsibilities

Mission: Ensure sale of excess inventory as well as sourcing and processing of exchanges and LRU in support of the repair and PBH contracts.
Scope: LRU, expendables and consumables for the Business Units ARO and BIC
• Sale of excess inventory
• Market and sale package of consumables identified by Asset Management Team
• Market and sale package or individual LRU identified by Asset Management Team
• Answer to all request for quotes (phone call, emails or websites) on LRU
• Participate to main conferences in order to grow sale and buy network

• Purchase of LRU
• Find, negotiate conditions and buy LRU’s required by Asset Management to either replace BER or increase Pool
• Support Asset Management on request if change or negotiation with lessors needed

• Sourcing of Exchanges
• Find, negotiate conditions and source on request of customer service LRU exchanges (exchange fee, outright value, time to return serviceable unit)
• Follow-up exchange process
• Alert Customer Service or repair team in case of imminent late fess
• Challenge any vendor late fees
• In case of repair controlled by third party exchange vendor, follow existing subcontracting vendor quote approval procedure
• Make recommendations to Asset Management Director if exchange flow or conditions would support acquisition of a specific part number versus exchange sourcing strateg

• Market watch
• Maintain and develop network of inventory partners
• Provide on demand LRU pricing to Asset Management, Customer Service or Marketing team
• Generate Fair Market Value Assessment of LRU belonging to company and in repair capability every 6 months
• Review any package for sale from inventory partner and provide buy-trade recommendation to Asset Management Director
• Reporting
• Review monthly finance reporting and confirm cost and depreciation level of each sale
• Generate reporting to monitor exchange sourcing activity, volume and cost
• Set-up KPI to monitor electronic quote processing

Job Requirements

 Aerospace Industry
 Sales skills and experience
 Airlines/MRO and Leasing companies network
 Inventory management and depreciation principles
 Microsoft Office
 Contract Management

Sector / Principal Occupation
Location Miami
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Research, design, develop and test a variety of electronics for Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE) and develop original innovative electrical design solutions for new products and existing products that need improvement, electrical test fixtures, and other areas requiring electrical engineering by incorporating new technology in the design or redesign of electrical components or products.
  • Design hardware (electronic boards, wiring, etc) and any electrical requirements.
  • Analyze technical data, proficiency on understanding of electrical schematics and other technical documents.
  • Troubleshooting and reverse engineering.
  • Perform Training.
  • Interact with internal and external customers.
  • Technically assist Manufacturing and Repair Shop.
  • Prepare and maintain documentation in accordance to company quality manual and ISO9001/AS9100 standards.
  • Writing scope of work for electrical designs.
  • Preparing engineering studies and schematic designs for new systems and analyzing operation of existing systems.
  • Cooperate with team providing electrical and system engineering guidance to mechanical engineers and software engineers in the product development.
Job Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with 5+ years’ experience in electrical design. Also a Computer Engineering degree with focus on electronics and 5+ years’ experience will apply.
  • Hardware design.
  • Circuit board design experience including experience with schematic capture tools as OrCad.
  • Analog electronic proficiency, experience on sensor signal processing.
  • Domain knowledge of digital electronics and experience with digital electronics design principles and techniques (e.g. Microprocessor/microcontroller, ARM Cortex such as Beaglebone TI AM335x, PIC family from Microchip, dsPIC).
  • Experience working with lab equipment (DMM, Oscilloscopes, Analyzers, etc.).
  • Understand hardware/software interactions and collaborate with software engineers.
  • Related Engineering Computer skills, Solidworks, Simulation tools and Labview.
  • Knowledge in mechanical and pneumatic systems appreciated but not necessary.


  • Ability to work with minimal supervision while delivering excellent results will be a priority. 
  • Strong communication and information gathering skills are required to capture and interpret functional requirements, fill in the gaps intelligently, interpolate designs and functionality as necessary, and identify opportunities for process improvements/efficiencies. 
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English, Spanish is a plus.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook.